Furniture Re-Upholstery!

UpholsteryThe top two reasons that people typically decide to re-upholster their old furniture are because of their sentimental value and because of the quality of older furniture. Sentimental value of furniture passed down from generation to generation is priceless and seems to be a great option so that you can still have the memories and comfort of these important pieces of furniture while giving them a fresh new appearance and feel. Typically, older furniture was built to last longer as well, making it cost-effective in the long run to re-vamp your older furniture.

There are many factors to consider when you decide to reupholster your older furniture. Reupholstery that is done properly typically requires stripping the entire piece of furniture down to it’s frame, reinforcing the frame and joints, then replacing the coil/zigzag springs. This is all done before even starting to address the new fill, fabric and padding that the old furniture will need to achieve its new look. Because of the complexity of all these factors, the cost for reupholstery varies widely.

We at All Furniture services send our professional, highly experienced technicians to you in order to go over all the options with you and explain the process as well. We will ensure that your vision of your furniture “makeover” is fulfilled and expectations met or exceeded!