Antique Restoration

Antique-colorAntique furniture restoration can be a very rewarding step to take. Antiques add a very refined, different look to your home. Unfortunately, with time, everything ages and instead of getting rid of tired looking antique pieces, we can restore them to their original look and quality as to further accent your home. It is like an art-form to restore these unique pieces to their “good as new” condition in the proper manner without detracting the traditional qualities they embody. Our technicians at AFS are highly experienced in this process and would love to work with you to renew and extend the life of your treasured antiques.

All Furniture Services will give your piece the careful, loving restoration it deserves. As the winner of the award for best service company for furniture repair and upholstering from U.S. Local Business Association for the past 5 years, AFS has proved its commitment to discerning customers throughout the country. Whether you need touch up work or full restoration or refinishing, our trained professionals will see that the job is done carefully and correctly. We’ll replicate original materials and finishes as much as possible to retain the value of your piece. Our services include cleaning, finish restoring, refinishing, waxing, French polishing, hand caning, carving, restoration of gold or silver leaf, reupholstering, remaking missing parts, filling-in chips and scratches, wood conservation, and much more for all types of antique furniture and pieces of art. Our trained technicians go by the concept “treat the wood as if it were alive.”

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