Furniture Repair Refinishing

Our professional team is at the forefront of both antique and modern furniture, rug, porcelain and ceramics repair and restoration for residential and commercial customers alike. Our services include careful refinishing and restoring your antique furniture and artwork, matching colors, repairing veneers, re-painting or re-gilding, even crafting and replacing missing parts such as legs or finials. We’ll re-cane your grandmother’s favorite rocker… carefully refinish your fine wood furniture… re-dye and re-grain woods and leathers… and handle any upholstery repairs you need, whether they be fabric, vinyl, or leather. We’ll make permanent cosmetic repairs so invisible you’d never know there was damage, even if the damage was severe. We’re also experts at repairing upholstered furniture, including frame work and replacing or repairing springs and cushions and making necessary mechanical repairs to office furniture, recliners or sleepers. We’ll even disassemble and reassemble your furniture when you need to move it to another room or another building—and we’ll work with you 24/7 if there’s an emergency! And we don’t just work with furniture. We’ll clean and repair your rugs, too, taking care to test for color fastness and using special extraction techniques if necessary. In other words… from residential to hospitality to commercial, we do it all!

Wood furniture is beautiful, but after time, it can accumulate multiple dings, scratches, dents, etc. All these factors detract from the beauty of your furniture. AFS specializes in re-finishing your furniture to restore it to it’s original condition. There are many different options entailed in this- whether it be re-painting your furniture or stripping it down, or color matching to have it’s hue match other furniture. Our technicians will be able to come out and discuss the multiple options that are available to you.

Before we do any re-finishing, we will make all the necessary repairs to the furniture’s structure whether it is cracks, scratches, dents etc. Once the furniture is repaired, we can proceed to sand and refinish any necessary areas.

Full refurbishing is when we have to completely strip and refinish your furniture. It is not always necessary to completely refurbish your furniture, but our experienced technicians can provide you with all the options that are available to you when they come for their initial visit.

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